Hallberg Auto and Sales LLC
Buffalo, MN 55313
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Welcome To
Hallberg Auto & Sales
BEST Used Cars In Buffalo, MN

Hallberg Auto & Sales is a dealership that prides itself on offering the best quality used cars, vans, SUVs and trucks of all the dealers in the area. Please stop by our dealership or call ahead if you would like to schedule an appointment.
Feel free to compare our prices against the prices of other automobile dealerships in the area. Whether you are planning to buy now or will be buying in the future, Hallberg Auto & Sales offers a great selection of used vehicles.

We offer a variety of car financing programs to meet the individual needs of our customers, and provide our customers with a variety of extended warranty plans to protect your car after purchase.

If you just need a tune up, brakes, or tires, we can do that, too. We offer a full repair shop to help with all your servicing needs.


Hallberg Auto and Sales LLC
3974 State Highway 55  Buffalo , MN  55313
www.hallbergautosales.com   •   763-682-6706
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